Using AI in your Startup Tomorrow - StartAI 2018 Slides and Resources

Nov 3 2018

1. Slide Deck

Below is a PDF version of the Keynote we presented during the conference. The video above is linked to when our talk starts so if you need any additional information to the slides below please refer to the video.

Download the deck here.

2. Demo Using AI APIs

This is the demo that we showed during the second section of the talk that applied Microsoft's Emotion API. This is actually the project that we put together at Hack the North this year in Waterloo and we thought it would be a great way to showcase just how quickly (< 36hrs) you can put together an AI platform that addresses a meaningful issue.
The code for this demo as well as how you can get it set up on your own machine can be found here:

3. Awesome Resources to Help You Start Up

Like we mentioned in our talk, U of T (and all of Toronto, really) has some absolutely amazing resources out there to help you get started and guide you along the way to building your own startup. While a simple Google Search will give you a more comprehensive list of all incubators in Toronto and the GTA, the following are some of the resources that U of T has to offer:

Entrepreneurship Hatchery:
We were lucky enough to get accepted into the Entrepreneurship Hatchery's NEST Summer 2018 Cohort where we learned the value of the business side of startups, going beyond the usual computer science idea of "just build it." We would currently be in a much different place without the Hatchery so we hope we can pass on the importance and resources that an incubator can provide.

Creative Destructive Labs (CDL):

Department of Computer Science Innovation Lab (DCSIL):

Entrepreneurs Toronto:
This is U of T's launchpad for all things entrepreneurship, so check out this link for additional in depth resources.

Any Questions?

We hope that you found our presentation today interesting and educational. It's really not so hard getting started with AI especially when you start out just using APIs.

If you have any questions or would like to follow up, simply get in touch with us here.

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