Profile Pictures, Meeting Moving, and White Label Features!

Profile Pictures, Meeting Moving, and White Label Features!

Hello everyone! We’ve been hard at work on a number of user-requested features and we’re excited to see what you think of them! With this version - 1.6.0 - we’ve added the ability to customize your personal account with Profile Pictures, the ability to move meetings between organization (with extra privacy controls!) and complete White Label features for business tier organizations.

We’d like to thank everyone for voting for the main features represented here on our Trello roadmap:

As a reminder, we’ve also moved our community page over to instead of This gives us a bit more flexibility than the previous community provider did. Feel free to post any feedback or questions you might have there!



  • Profile Pictures - All Tiers - We’ve added the ability to use a profile picture for both your personal account and, if you are an organization administrator, a company logo. Instead of seeing the letter bubbles of your coworkers in your spaces, you can now getting a better glance of who is working on which meeting!
  • Moving Meetings! - All Tiers - You can now move meetings between organizations and even to-and-from your personal meetings area. We’ve also added the ability for organization administrators to change how much access they want their members to have to moving meetings. For example, an org can freely allow the movement of meetings into and from their organization, or restrict movement to meetings within teams to prevent any data from getting out.
  • Complete White Label - Business Tier - On top of adding a company logo, business tier users can now access additional features allowing them to completely customize the look of Knowtworthy! You can display your company icon and name in the navigation menu and change both primary and secondary colors for everyone in your organization!


  • Some CNAME users were being served expired SSL certificates. The microservice handling this was improved to always automatically serve up-to-date certs.
  • Custom organization names will truncate correctly in the navigation menu.


  • Legacy users can now upgrade to expanded tiers from settings and migrate their organization to the newest version of Knowtworthy.