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Internal and external meetings are critical to keep track of in the early stages of your business. Have peace of mind that all of your decisions and tasks are tracked while you focus on what matters.

Easily manage expectations with clients and partners with shared meeting info.

Keep your meetings and decisions in one secure place.

Always make the most of your time by coming prepared to every meeting.

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Real-time collaboration

No matter where you are, you and your team can work on meeting minutes documents collaboratively. Have something to add to the agenda while someone is writing down minutes? No problem! Knowtworthy is focused on making the meeting experience seamless.

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Boost Collaboration

Share instantly

No more messy email threads before meetings! If you edit the agenda in a meeting, it will update for everyone invited in real-time. This means that your teammates can stay on top of their work and come prepared to every meeting. Our “One Click Sharing” makes inviting people to meetings a breeze.

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Secure and Cloud-based

A home for your meetings

Keeping track of past minutes can be a challenge. Knowtworthy automatically keeps all of your minutes in an organized file system, easily accessible on desktop and mobile, so that you can check up on past or upcoming meetings anytime, anywhere; allowing you to follow up on past decisions and focus on what matters.

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Knowtworthy transcription

Meeting transcription

Sometimes the meeting simply moves too fast to take good minutes. Knowtworthy’s real-time transcription provides a secure and instantaneous way to keep track of anything you might have missed during the meeting. You can participate fully in the conversation without skipping a beat.

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Changing note-taking software can be hard, but we’ve made getting set up incredibly easy with our guides and tools. Take a look at how you can make your next meeting the most productive one you’ve ever had within minutes of signing up.

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Getting started with Knowtworthy is lightning fast and you can try many of our features for free! We have dozens of guide posts written (and updated!) to help you make the most out of the software. Take a look and see how to get up and running as quickly as possible! If you think anything is missing or have any open questions, feel free to ask us directly with our real-time support available on every page.

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Read about running perfect meetings

We run a blog that provides tips, guidelines, and templates for improving your everyday meetings. Learn how to optimize your business productivity before, during, and after each meeting! Check out some of our most popular articles below and subscribe for free and useful updates.

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