Hello Beta Testers! This past week we had the opportunity to interview some of you and get your take on the platform. With your helpful insights, we made a number of bug fixes along with changes to how invites work for organizations and teams. Also, you can now sort your meetings directly from the dashboard.

We are continuing to run User Experience Interviews at this time. You will have the opportunity to call with us to discuss the Knowtworthy platform and participate in shaping the future of the software! If you are interested, interviews will last an hour and you can schedule one by emailing us at ux@knowtworthy.com.

See you in a week for our next changelog!



  • You can now sort meetings and folders on your dashboard by “Name”, “Date Created”, and “Meeting Date”.
  • Adding coworkers to teams and meetings is much simpler now. There is an auto-complete box that allows you to select co-workers by their emails as opposed to having to type out full emails every time.
  • Inviting coworkers to your organization on Knowtworthy is now much simpler. An automatic email is sent to individuals invited to certain teams and, as an admin, you can see if the people you invited have already created a knowtworthy account or not. Individuals invited to Knowtworthy do not need to go through the Beta Key request process to claim their accounts.


  • Smaller screens wouldn’t see a ‘create team’ button. Team creation is now accessible for all screen sizes.
  • When a meeting invite was sent, you could see who else was invited to the meeting - this is no longer the case.
  • When sharing a meeting, if something goes wrong, there is clearer error handling to help you diagnose the issue.


  • Empty meeting titles would show up as blank in the dashboard UI - there is now a default.
  • Issue where you could create a new meeting from the settings page was corrected.