On October 1st Knowtworthy demoed at Future Fest, an annual tech festival showcasing the latest and greatest in Toronto Tech. Throughout the evening, we had the opportunity to meet a ton of people who all agreed that, yes, meetings suck, but we know how to make them better.

Once again, we were thrilled to hear your feedback and a huge thanks to everyone who stopped by and signed up for access to our beta! Since we did spend much of the exhibition hyping up the beta, we wanted to give the rest of you the lowdown of what you should expect from the update!

Special Thanks to KTCHN productions and Future Festival for the photos!

A complete design and usability overhaul

We received a lot of great feedback from our alpha testing about the usability of the platform and which aspects could be improved. We took this advice to heart and are completely refreshing the look of the Knowtworthy App - everything from the dashboard to the landing page to the minutes document.

Here’s a sneak peak :)

The new dashboard with added fun

Real-time transcription and speaker diarization

One of our most requested features since day one has been real-time transcription during meetings. As a minute taker during a meeting, it is really easy to fall behind on the conversation as you record important information; and nothing slows down a meeting like asking for the reiteration of something that was said a minute or two ago.

The real-time transcription section of the minutes document gives note-takers the ability to look back on what was said recently and catch up if needed. Better yet, our transcripts are split up into blocks by who said what, so you aren’t left digging through a block of text looking for something specific, and can follow the conversation as it happened moments ago.

Personalized communication analysis

The headlining feature of our newest release will be our personalized communication analysis. The idea behind the feature is that no team out there is perfect. Every team struggles from friction between its members and as a result productivity goes down. Knowtworthy’s communication analysis reports aim to give unbiased feedback on how you performed during a meeting. For example, you will see statistics such as how much you spoke compared to others and the nature of your conversation among many other metrics, to help inform and improve your behaviour in future meetings.

In our beta, the communication reports will be sent directly to your email inbox and saved nowhere else, in accordance with our ambitious information privacy goals.

In order to activate communication analysis on your account you will have to upload a voice print (so that Knowtworthy can attribute your account to your voice in a meeting) either upon account creation or later on in the settings page. Then, after your first meeting with transcription turned on, you will get an email (once our more in-depth communication engine is done going through the meeting again) containing all of the communication metrics that we generated. Keep in mind, this email is sent exclusively to you and we won’t save your reports anywhere else. Later down the line we will offer an additional dashboard from which to view your communication scores over time, which you can opt in or out of in the settings page.

If any of this sounds interesting and you would like to be part of the meeting revolution, feel free to sign up and be the first to hear when our beta goes live here:

Thank you for stopping by!