Hindsight 2020

2020 was an unexpected year, but we made the most of it, introducing dozens of new features. In this recap, we'll briefly recount what we achieved this past year and announce what 2021 holds for Knowtworthy!

Hindsight 2020

Though 2020 proved to be an unexpected year for all of us, we continued our journey working towards perfect meetings and introduced a ton of new functionality, incorporating the great feedback we received throughout our beta testing. In this recap, we'll briefly recount what we achieved this past year and announce what 2021 holds for Knowtworthy!

Closed Beta Testing and Results

In late April, we announced the closed Beta test of our newly redesigned platform incorporating many of the suggestions we received after our Alpha testing last year. We overhauled the design, improved the cross-platform functionality, re-built the onboarding experience, and increased the fidelity of our collaborative features in our meeting documents. The 90 day Beta test saw dozens of bug fixes and improvements along with

  • The addition of an improved real-time transcription model for conversational speech
  • A better co-worker invitation flow for improved collaboration
  • An admin inbox providing an overview of an organization's tasks
  • And a section for private notes called 'My Meetings'

After completing the Beta test, we consolidated everything we'd learned and got to work on additional system-wide improvements to our user experience and feature set, building up to a small limited launch in September.

Limited September Launch

Over the course of a month, we temporarily released an 'early-bird' version of Knowtworthy for customers to try out and purchase if they were interested. The interest that we received far surpassed our expectations and we were thrilled to interact with you all over the course of our livestreams! With the help of your feedback, we prioritized and released new features including

  • File upload transcription to transcribe your online meetings automatically
  • Meeting minute PDF Download
  • And real-time and file upload transcription support for 10 languages

We also received considerable interest for a video conferencing tool directly in Knowtworthy to connect to our transcription and smart meeting features and we are currently working on making this a reality, hoping to release in early 2021.

1.0 Launch in January!

After our Alpha, Beta, and limited release, we are gearing up for our official full launch in January of 2021. We have learned and iterated a lot along the way, and are confident that our product can truly improve your business productivity in meetings. As always, we will continue to collect user feedback and will continue improving our application. Meetings are critical to the success of all companies, but the inefficiencies of these meetings can hold back real progress. Our goal at Knowtworthy is to help you run the best meetings you can while saving as much time as possible, and we are working towards that reality with every new update. So stay tuned in January for the big reveal!

What's Next?

Even though we are all set to launch to a 1.0, we still have big goals for 2021 as a whole. After our launch, we are looking to add built-in and seamlessly integrated video conferencing into the Knowtworthy platform, followed soon by meeting templates, integrations with popular project management software, and universal search. Finally, we will be adding our most groundbreaking feature of all - Sentiment Analysis - once it is ready. With Sentiment Analysis released, Knowtworthy will be able to improve not only your meetings, but your teams as well, by producing confidential and objective reports while giving you tips about your performance during meetings. Thank you all for joining us so far on our quest to run incredible meetings, and we look forward to seeing you in the new year!

Merry Meetings!