Overhauled Settings and Preferences, Transcription Download, and more!

Overhauled Settings and Preferences, Transcription Download, and more!

Our newest release has a number of user experience improvements and additional features that we are excited to share with you! Our main focus with this release was on the settings/preferences experience alongside improvements to our transcription features.

A number of the features that we created came from your suggestions on our Trello roadmap, so thank you for voting for the features you care about!

As always, we would love to hear your thoughts on our community page here: https://community.knowtworthy.com/



  • Users can now download both real-time and file-upload transcripts of their meetings to easy-to-read text files either for storage or later review since real-time transcripts are ephemeral.
  • The settings page is now reformatted to improve the experience of larger organizations. Tabs have been added to separate personal settings from those of an entire organization or team. Users can now more rapidly change settings without needing to enter an 'edit' mode every time.


  • Timers set for agenda items had a convoluted process of actually selecting a time. We migrated to a better library and improved the experience overall.
  • The real-time transcription experience is improved. Long transcripts will be automatically split up into more digestible sections. The transcripts are now scrollable alongside the minutes document instead of requiring you to scroll a long way down the page.
  • Breadcrumbs within the home page are now easier to use and more intuitive. This makes it easier to navigate to the teams and folders you need to get to.
  • Users can now change team titles and descriptions from the team settings page.


  • Timers are now fully synchronized across all users regardless of local time and time zone.
  • An issue where teams marked for deletion would still be shown within a user's "Action Item" time was resolved.
  • Users will receive proper onboarding and helpful guide emails when signing up for Knowtworthy. An issue was causing an improper email type allocation.
  • Fixed an issue where SSL Certificates were not being properly allocated for users using the CNAME feature.
  • Members of teams were previously able to see the "Delete Team" button. They did not have permission to click this button but we removed it to make things more obvious for regular members without admin privileges.