Instant Meetings, Upgraded PDF Downloads, and More Updates

This week we released version 1.3.2 which bring new features such as instant meetings, an improved PDF download experience, and much more!

Instant Meetings, Upgraded PDF Downloads, and More Updates

In this update, we added a few quality-of-life improvements and squashed a number of bugs. Overall, you can now quickly create free-floating meetings from the Knowtworthy homepage and easily download them as a PDF when you're done!



  • Export Meeting Documents to PDF. We have re-vamped our PDF export feature under Meeting Details. The PDFs are redesigned to be cleaner and easier to read.
  • Instant Meetings. Not sure if you want to create a Knowtworthy Account? Try our services for a one-off meeting. Starting an Instant Meeting will give you access to our meeting editor instantly.
  • Operations Log. The Operations Log stores all of the changes made in your organization. This feature is designed to help managers audit their organizations and check for irregular behaviour.


  • Restructured the Login page to be easier to use for users with larger screens.
  • Meeting Agenda Items and Action Items won't shift around when being edited.


  • Fixed spacing of the minutes editor. Meeting minutes content should better line up with cursors.
  • Fixed a few bugs where live meeting members weren't updating properly.

Stay tuned for our next set of updates where we will be adding additional profile configuration options and improving upon the meeting minutes experience further!