Export your Meeting to a PDF.

Compile your agenda, minutes, and action items into a downloadable PDF with the press of a button.

After a meeting, the agenda, action items, and minutes often need to be sent to third parties and/or archived for compliance reasons. Although Knowtworthy allows you to easily share your meeting minutes, sometimes a PDF printout of your meeting works best for your internal systems and partners. Knowtworthy has the option to export a copy of your meeting as a PDF right from our meeting editor.

What you will need:

  1. Any Knowtworthy Plan and a created Team
  2. A meeting with your Agenda, Action Items, and Minutes

Open the Meeting Details

To make a PDF of your meeting, open the meeting details next to the meeting title.

Knowtworthy Meeting UI with an arrow to click "Meeting Details"
Open "Meeting Details" to find the export options.

Next, jump down to the "Export" section and click "Download PDF".

Knowtworthy Meeting Details Dialog with an arrow pointing to "Download PDF"
Find the "Export" section and click "Download PDF" to export your meeting.

In a few seconds, a PDF of your meeting will automatically be downloaded to your computer.

Below, we have attached the PDF that the above meeting would provide when exported.

Note: Participants of the meeting can still edit the meeting document on Knowtworthy after you export your PDF. To get a new PDF with the edited minutes, repeat the process above for a new file.

Overall, the process to export your Knowtworthy meeting as a PDF is quick and painless.