Knowtworthy supports 10+ languages for both real-time transcription during meetings, and file upload transcription afterward. In particular, you can choose from English, Cantonese, Mandarin, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, or Russian to transcribe your meetings automatically.

If you are the administrator of your organization, you can change your transcription language from your organization settings.

First, navigate to Settings by using the menu bar, then click on "Organization Settings" next to the organization of your choice as below.

Knowtworthy Settings page with an arrow pointing towards the "Organization Settings".
Open the "Organizations Settings" to access the Transcription Language Setting

Next, find the "Transcription Language" dropdown and press it to select your language of choice, as in the images below.

Knowtworthy Organization Settings page with an arrow pointing towards the "Transcription Language" Setting.
Scroll to find the "Transcription Language" Setting.
Knowtworthy Organization Settings page with the "Transcription Language" Setting open.
Select the language you want to use for this Organization.

And that's it! Once you selected your new language, all future meetings in your organization will be transcribed using our best model for that language. Enjoy!

If you do not see the language that you usually run your meetings in, drop us a comment here. We are looking to add new languages and can prioritize your suggestion.