How to Set Independent Teams

Depending on your use case, whether you are an agency or a large enterprise, you may want your colleagues to either be able to see who else is in your organization or not. This guide will go through the simple steps to changing how members see one another.

Downloading Transcripts

In this post, we'll go over how you can download both your real-time and file-upload transcripts to your computer directly from your meeting minutes documents.

Export your Meeting to a PDF.

Exporting any of your meetings to a PDF can be very useful and only takes a few seconds with Knowtworthy. This guide explains the steps.

Uploading files to your meeting minutes.

Meetings are often accompanied by important presentations or key reading

How to set your transcription language.

Knowtworthy offers automated transcription support for 10+ languages. This guide details how to configure your organization's language settings as an administrator.