Knowtworthy list of action items accessed on a phone.

Tracked Action Items

The most important output of any meeting is Action Items. Knowtworthy allows you to create, assign, and track action items seamlessly. You can access your personalized action item list from anywhere, on any device, at any time. Easily follow up on tasks at the next meeting and stay on track.

Knowtworthy mobile and desktop apps being updated together automatically.

Simplify Project Management

Keeping track of your tasks can be a challenge when some are tracked online while others are written down on loose paper, or even lost in offline meeting text documents. Knowtworthy offers a simple solution that lets you see all of your action items, from all of your meetings easily on one dashboard. You can check off tasks as you go and the meetings where those tasks were assigned will be updated automatically!

See Progress Across All of your Teams

Gettings a bird’s eye view of your organization’s progress can be a challenge, but Knowtworthy offers a set of simple tools that help managers see how teams are performing and how work is progressing as a whole. Diagnose issues quickly and stay informed by seeing exactly how teams are progressing on their projects.

Knowtworthy management features enable simple viewing of all teams' progress.
Knowtworthy meeting agenda items are accessible from mobile and can be edited anywhere.

Maintain your Team’s Momentum

Keeping your team’s motivation high week after week can be a challenge, but with action items getting checked off as they are completed, your whole team gets visibility on progress and can stay vigilant in their own work. Since outstanding action items are easy to see, Knowtworthy helps ensure that no important tasks slip through the cracks!

Make the transition to better meetings simple.

Changing productivity software can be hard, but we’ve made getting set up incredibly easy with our guides and tools. Take a look at how you can make your next meeting the most productive one you’ve had.

Process of getting onboarding to Knowtworthy

Learn with our Tutorials

Getting started with Knowtworthy is free and we have a number of guides written up to help you make the most out of the software. Take a look and see how to get up and running as quickly as possible along with numerous other guides getting updated regularly as we release more features!

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