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Connected Minutes

The minutes of your meeting are shared instantly with your team members, allowing you to focus on running productive meetings instead of trying to get everyone on the same page before, during, and after meetings. Learn how our meeting templates save you time every step of the way.


Shared Agendas

Getting an agenda to your coworkers before a meeting shouldn’t have to be a hassle. With Knowtworthy, you can simply drop a link to your minutes in the team calendar invite and edit the agenda at any point before the meeting. Start every meeting with everyone on the same page.


Tracked Action Items

The most important output of any meeting are Action Items. Knowtworthy allows you to create, assign, and track action items seamlessly. You can access your personalized action item list from anywhere, on any device, at any time. Easily follow up on tasks at the next meeting and stay on track.


Cloud Storage

Losing track of minutes and action items can seriously damage a whole team’s productivity. Our meeting minutes cloud storage solution keeps everything securely in one place, accessible from any device, from anywhere. Stay focused on what matters, Knowtworthy will handle the rest.


Meeting Security

We understand the importance of data security for meeting information. As such, Knowtworthy is built with security constantly in mind. We follow industry security best practices, ensuring that your data stays safe at all times, through all transactions with the Knowtworthy software.


Management Features

As a project manager in an organization, you receive access to a number of additional features to make your team even more productive. View action items for entire teams at a glance, keep track of outstanding and completed work right from your inbox, manage advanced settings and more.



Sometimes the meeting simply moves too fast to take good minutes. Knowtworthy’s real-time transcription provides a secure and instantaneous way to keep track of anything you might have missed during the meeting. You can participate fully in the conversation without skipping a beat.


Sentiment Analysis

Team friction can interfere with meeting productivity, causing distraction and costing resources. Knowtworthy provides an automated, impartial report on your performance during a meeting to help you improve both your meeting productivity, and your team synergy.

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