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Sometimes the meeting simply moves too fast to take good minutes. Knowtworthy’s real-time transcription provides a secure and instantaneous way to keep track of anything you might have missed during the meeting. You can participate fully in the conversation without skipping a beat.

Knowtworthy transcribes your meetings in real-time right next to your meeting minutes.

Transcribe in Real-Time

It’s easy to miss a few words here and there while trying to take minutes in a meeting, and having to ask for someone to repeat themselves can sometimes derail the conversation. Knowtworthy bypasses this issue completely by offering you transcripts that pop up as people talk, separated out by speaker, making your life even easier!

Copy and Paste Transcripts into Minutes

You can find our transcripts in plain view next to your meeting minutes, making it super easy to see them but also to grab snippets that you might find useful in your minutes. It isn’t always a great idea to write down word-for-word what you hear in a meeting, but taking key decisions and actions directly out of the flow of transcripts is extremely valuable.

Copy and paste text directly from Knowtworthy real-time transcripts into your minutes.
Your transcripts are not saved with Knowtworthy in order to keep your meetings secure.

Real-Time Transcripts are Secure and Never Saved

We understand that privacy is a huge priority in company meetings, so we have ensured that real-time transcripts are not saved anywhere on Knowtworthy servers. This way you can get value for them during your meeting, but rest assured that your privacy is maintained. If you do want to save your transcripts, check out our file upload transcript feature below!

Upload Audio and Video Files for Transcription

Remote meetings are very common these days, and transcripts of these meeting can be hard to get. Knowtworthy offers a simple solution where you upload your recorded meeting’s audio or video file and we securely transcribe everything. These transcripts are saved with your meeting and you can go back and look through them anytime!

Upload audio and video files for high-quality transcription with Knowtworthy.

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Getting started with Knowtworthy is free and we have a number of guides written up to help you make the most out of the software. Take a look and see how to get up and running as quickly as possible along with numerous other guides getting updated regularly as we release more features!

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