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Retrospectives are team meetings that happen at regular intervals to discuss what is working well, what needs improvement, and how that improvement can be brought about. Engaging in high-quality retrospectives can take a team from good to great! If issues that a team faces are continuously addressed, you can expect to see excellent work across the board. Despite the merits of Retrospectives, one of the common pitfalls of such meetings is that they can take much longer than expected if you don’t time-box certain parts of the agenda. Check out the meeting template here for a great next retrospective meeting!

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Meeting Agenda
  1. Welcome and goals
  2. Hand out sticky notes to everyone and fill out for:
    1. What worked
    2. What didn't work
    3. What to improve
  3. Go around and discuss everyone's ideas. Group any similar ideas.
  4. Prioritize issues by importance by voting or general agreement
  5. Create an action plan and record action items!
Meeting Purpose

Retrospectives are regular meetings in the Agile framework that help your team continuously improve!

Meeting Notes

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