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One-on-One meetings are an open conversation, but the manager should arrive with a set of questions like the ones provided by this template. As you’ll see, some of the questions are tailored to the employee, while others are jumping-off points for the employee to ask the manager any questions that come to mind. Even though the manager provides structure for the meeting, it’s a good idea to ask the other attendee to come with any questions/concerns that they might have. Remember, this is a two-way road! You can also feel free to modify, add, or remove any of the questions here depending on your management style and relevance to the employee.

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Meeting Agenda
  1. Role-Related Questions
    1. How would you describe your current role here?
    2. How would you say you are performing at this role?
    3. What kind of tasks are you strongest at? What do you prefer working on the most?
    4. What is an area of your work that you want to improve?
    5. How could I or the company in general help make you more productive?
    6. What do you find are the biggest challenges about working remotely?
  2. Management-Focused Questions
    1. What is something I could do better?
    2. What aspects of your work do you want more or less direction from me for?
    3. What are your thoughts on how I’ve been coming up with direction?
    4. What are your thoughts on our project management?
    5. What would you change?
  3. Future Plans
    1. Where do you see yourself in 3 years? 10 years?
    2. Where do you see the team/company going this year? In 5 years?
    3. Are you interested in continuing to work at the company long term? Why or why not?
  4. Actions
    1. Based on what we talked about, what are some things you are going to work on or do from here on out? Similarly, what I can do from here on out?
Meeting Purpose

Yearly Meeting to align on current status and future goals and growth opportunities between (Manager’s name) and (Employee’s name).

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