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A Team Cadence Meetings is any meeting that keeps your team aligned to a particular predetermined goal. These are often repetitive meetings and occur weekly. The goal of this kind of team meeting isn’t necessarily to generate new ideas, but rather to ensure that a team is on track to its goals. Updates and solutions can be shared, but an in-depth discussion is generally left for meetings of a more specialized group so that not everyone on the team is spending their time in a meeting that doesn’t require them. This template provides both an outline for what to discuss but also an indication of how much time you should be spending on each section!

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Meeting Agenda
  1. Welcome
  2. Announcements
  3. Team Updates
  4. Action Items and Priorities
  5. Closing
Meeting Purpose

Catching up on progress in the past week, discussing setbacks, updating timelines and expectations. By the end of the meeting, everyone should know how the team is progressing to its goals.

Meeting Notes

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