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Daily scrum meetings are part of the agile process and help ensure that the entire team is on track to complete tasks and assist in identifying any blockers that need to be taken care of at the team level. These meetings should only take about 10 minutes every morning and help keep everyone on the same page but aren’t meant for diagnosing major issues or detailed discussion. Since the entire team is there, make sure that everyone answers the three key questions of a standup, but do your best to stay on track! If you have a physical or digital SCRUM board in your office space, it is a great idea to meet where everyone can see the board to help better visualize everyone’s progress.

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Meeting Agenda
  1. One at a time, go through the team and ask:
    1. What did I do yesterday?
    2. What will I work on today?
    3. What issues are blocking my work?

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