Share Meeting Notes in a Click!

We built a platform to capture what matters most in meetings: Tasks and Decisions.

  • Process of getting onboarding to Knowtworthy

    Collaborate Seamlessly

    Work on your meetings from anywhere and see all edits in real-time.

  • Process of getting onboarding to Knowtworthy

    Progress At-a-Glance

    Manage your teams's meetings and action items easily from one screen.

  • Process of getting onboarding to Knowtworthy

    Never Miss a Word

    Copying-and-pasting from real-time transcription is a great way to add important info to minutes.

Meeting Software that Works for You.

  • Meet From Anywhere

    Your meetings are kept in a secure and centralized place, enabling you to access notes, start a meeting, and view tasks anywhere.

  • Collaborate Seamlessly

    Meeting minutes are updated automatically in real-time for all team-members, giving you the opportunity to write more effective minutes.

  • Track Action Items

    Never feel confused about what you need to do after a meeting with instant and personalized action item lists, placed directly in your inbox.

  • Centralize Your Minutes

    Losing track of past minutes can have a big impact on your team work and productivity. Knowtworthy gives your meetings a secure home.


Real-Time Collaboration

No matter where you are, you and your team can work on meeting minutes documents collaboratively. Have something to add to the agenda while someone is writing down minutes? No problem! Knowtworthy is focused on making the meeting experience seamless.

Knowtworthy real-time meeting document minute editing.
Share Knowtworthy meeting minutes instantly with your team.


Share Instantly

No more boring email threads before meetings! If you edit the agenda in a meeting, it will update for everyone invited in real-time. This means that you teammates can stay on top of their work and come prepared to meetings. Our “One Click Sharing” makes inviting people to meetings a breeze.


A Home For Your Meetings

Keeping track of past minutes can be a challenge. Knowtworthy automatically keeps all of your minutes in an organized file system, easily accessible on desktop and mobile, so that you can check up on past or upcoming meetings anytime, anywhere; allowing you to follow up on past decisions and focus on what matters.

Organize your meeting minutes in one place.

Quantify Your Meetings with Sentiment Analysis

Our state-of-the-art real-time transcription and speaker diarization combined with a research-backed sentiment engine allows your team to receive private and objective reports on how you are performing in a meeting. Track your progress over time and improve the biggest detriment to meeting productivity: team friction.

Sentiment Analysis brings new insights to your meetings.
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