Getting Started

Using Knowtworthy for Free!

Taking high-quality minutes at a meeting can be a challenge, but we’ve worked hard to build a tool that fits a variety of minute-taking needs and hope that you find it useful. In the rest of this article, we will go through how exactly to get started.

Using Social Login to Access your Knowtworthy Account

Knowtworthy has you covered with Social Login through Google, Microsoft,

Master the “Home” Page

The Home page is the default page of your organization. From the Home page you will be able to see all of the teams you have been added to, and all of that team’s documents.

How to use the “My Meetings” Page

The My Meetings page is home to your personal meetings and folders. The documents here are all completely independent from all teams and organizations that you may be a part of and are associated directly with your account.

Export your Meeting to a PDF.

Exporting any of your meetings to a PDF can be very useful and only takes a few seconds with Knowtworthy. This guide explains the steps.

Uploading files to your meeting minutes.

Meetings are often accompanied by important presentations or key reading

Making the most of your meeting minutes.

Knowtworthy provides you with a number of tools during your meetings to keep you productive and efficient. This guide discusses our recommendations for using the meeting minutes document.

How to set up your teams and organizations.

Make the most of your Knowtworthy account by learning how to set up your Organization and Teams right after signing up. This guide will take you through everything you need to know to succeed from the start.